The CLIL Matrix – Maljers et al

The CLIL Matrix was produced by an international team Anne Maljers (Netherlands), David Marsh (Finland), Stefka Kitanova (Bulgaria), Dieter Wolff (Germany), Bronislawa Zielonka (Poland), working under the auspices of the ECML’s 2nd medium-term programme of activities 2004-2007. It is accessible on

This Matrix is a 4 dimensional core framework built around the core elements of CLIL: Content, Language, Integration and Learning. These four elements are realised through a set of four parameters: Culture, Communication, Cognition and Community. This results in a matrix array of 16 indicators. These indicators are the basis for ensuring quality CLIL in learning and teaching of both content and language.

Work in progress. will be updated soon 🙂

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